student work

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Disorderly Construct is a public outdoor installation in and around the Palm Court at Stetson University. Students participating in this project are from Stetson’s Mixed Media and Sculpture courses taught by Professor Brittany Metz.

Objective: To create a large scale site-specific sculpture. Examine issues in public art including those of scale, function, relationship to time & space (lasting vs. ephemeral), audience, and public participation.


W.O.K.E. is a project by Stetson University Digital Arts students. The acronym stands for "We Offer Knowledge and Education." Our goal is to educate people on the social and environmental issues that plague college campuses. We have taken the route of combining our creative outlets with the proper resources to address these issues. We hope to offer knowledge not previously known through our creative representations.

This website features work from 5 interdisciplinary student groups created during the Spring 2018 Advanced Digital Arts Studio course taught by Professor Brittany Metz. Students were asked raise awareness to an issue faced by students on the college campus in hopes of educating the community and facilitating change. The goal of the project is to not only raise awareness and educate the community but is also a call to action. As they say, "the more you know."