Brittany Metz is an installation and new media artist creating work through self-awareness that encourages introspection and contemplation. The short cyclical nature of her video work is meditative, allowing the viewer to discover connections to the images presented through each cycle. This looping of multilayered video is somewhat disorienting leaving the viewer questioning the time or place of her dreamlike spaces and most importantly, their place in this space.

Metz received a BA in Studio Art from Rollins College and an MFA in Emerging Media: Studio Art & the Computer from the University of Central Florida. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Metz lives and works in Orlando, Florida where she is a professor of Art & Design.

Recent Exhibitions

Upcoming- Dark and Full of Flowers: Secundo Sunistra- Tampa FL

Night Shift- Orlando Museum of Art FL

We Too: Reclaiming the Feminine- Orlando FL

Solaris- Henao Contemporary Center, Orlando FL

Transference- Winter Park Welcome Center FL

Self: Memories- Venice Italy