Brittany Metz is an installation and new media artist focusing primarily on authenticating qualities of privacy and voyeurism. She received her MFA in Emerging Media: Studio Art & the Computer from the University of Central Florida and has exhibited nationally and internationally. Brittany lives and works in Orlando, Florida where she is a professor of Art & Design. 

I have little to no memory of my childhood. I can only remember a handful of events. These memories are kept hidden somewhere in a tiny corner of my brain and only come to me in bits and pieces. It’s like when you wake up from a dream and only know part of the story line, the characters, and places, but not what they look like or any bit of detail. I don’t remember birthdays, family vacations, friends, favorite outfits, teachers, my home, or even my sister living with me. What I do remember is creating. My current work acts as a substitution for my lost childhood memories and stems from my obsession with constantly digging and searching for information about other people’s lives in attempt to fill my own void.

I often use found objects, which inherently hold memories, in combination with my memories to create new meaning and life through my installation works. These works exist somewhere between fiction and reality, but typically trigger the viewer’s own memory of a certain place or time from his/her life.